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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Why CA AB32 global warming solutions act needs to be suspended/delayed/halted?

Why CA AB32 global warming act needs to be suspended/delayed/halted

The only thing CA leads in is not landmark green laws but in being a 15-20% high unemployment 3rd world bankrupt entity, a beggar state which has driven out productive tax-paying businesses and citizens and replaced them with a hoard of 3rd world uneducated welfare leeches, who pack the ghettos which encompass wide swathes of the greater LA basin region.

I say pull back/delay implementation of restrictive environmental job-killing acts such as AB32, and get CA moving again with high-paying blue-collar traditional power industry construction trades jobs. Put our vast numbers of unemployed/underemployed/idle construction workers into high-paying trades jobs such as the oil and traditional power energy industries can provide. We do not need anymore obama stimulus road construction projects, which only add to our already catastrophic debt loads, and all other large-scale infrastructure building projects will also add to our crushing debt.

The millions of promised green jobs are a mirage. The only 'green jobs' i see in CA are the 1/4 million immigrant(illegal) landscapers/gardeners driving around in beaten-up old polluting pickups. Putting 10,000-20,000 300 ft- high wind towers in the Mohave creates massive unsightly steel towers in the desert, besides killing birds. Installing solar panels can only be afforded by rich, well-off progressive limousine libs dwelling in exclusive seaside enclaves. CA cannot create enough jobs in home weatherization because of our mild weather and because property values will remain stagnant for another 5-10 years

The eco-nuts who passed AB32 are a tiny, wealthy elite based in their eco-enclaves along the coasts or in walled off exclusive suburbs, while the 90% of less-well-off CA plebians suffer from 20-25% real U-6 EU

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