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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My response to LA Times pro-AB32 article

Global warming bill a lose-lose issue for GOP candidates

First response:
Global warming is fraud science and the global warming eco-nuts are extreme nutbags. Cap and trade is dead at the national level and China pollutes at 10,000 times the rate of CA. Go ahead environmental wingnuts- make CA a job dead state with your job killer AB32. What CA does has no impact upon rest of world which will go ahead with max resource extraction and spew out those greenhouse gasses. Meahwhile CA will 'import' 10 million more illegals(carbon polluters) who may actually need blue collar jobs like workin on offshore oil rigs. Environmental extremism is good if one can ignore the 1000+ sq miles of polluting 3rd world ghettos spread all over the LA Basin, filled with inconvenient immigrants who may actually need work in blue collar/trades jobs in 'dirty'smokestack industries.
Global climate warming is a massive scam based on misleading, even fraud science, like Piltdown man. So what if a few glaciers are melting and the oceans rise 1-2 ft in 100 years. Earth has had violent geologic/climatic upheavels all its history without man's impact--review the Little Ice Age.

Second Response:

“A Sacramento State University Study and other studies say there’s likely to be a cost of $50,000 per small business and up to $4,000 per family in increased costs related to housing, transportation, energy and food,” said Eric Eisenhammer, spokesman for the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association." The Cap and Trade of carbon credits appears to be a massive revenue windfall for the state of CA which they can then use to invest and subsidize green energy technologies. It make the state of CA/gov bureaucrats the innovator and investor in GTech instead of private enterprize.
It will also lead to higher energy prices to families and business. I think it needs to be rolled back and delayed. It is environmental extremism gone amuck, based upon unproven scientific assumptions about global warming. It is a CA environmental government boondoogle which gives gov scientists/bureaucrats soviet style centralized command/ control over green tech/energy technological developments.

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