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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I blasted this Sept 8 all over LATimes on their pro-AB32/ Pro-boxer diatribes

Global warming bill a lose-lose issue for GOP candidates

The Liberal factions which run CA deliberately want as many illegals and their anchor spawn jammed into CA for one reason: POWER. They want and need the votes of the Hispanics and it matters little to them if much of SCal/LA have become vast illegal-alien spawned filthy polluted ghettos infested with illegal-alien spawned gangs and graffiti..The leftist ,radical 'progressive' state employee public sector unions and their congressional puppets have caused the bankruptcy of Ca., They only stay in power because they have allowed the massive infiltration of illegals into CA in order to court the hispanic vote, which allows the Sacto/San Francisco-based leftist progressives & state public sector unions in power to stay in power, dominate CA politics and maintain their inflated pensions, which are a prime reason that CA is reeling and bankrupt.The lying Lib 'progressives' could care less about the SoCal/LA environment with it's 1000+ square miles of filthy polluted 3rd world ghettos, as along as they can confine them to LA's immigrant barrios, as a regime would wall off a ghetto. Meanwhile they make rest of CA a pollution-free/jobless state with a few fabricated scam green jobs at cost of 1 miilion 'polluting' blue collar jobs.

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