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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On Phoenix Suns wearing 'Las Suns' jerseys

This is a problem for me. As a supporter of Arizona's tough anti-illegal immigration law SB 1070 i have called for a boycott of los angeles due to LA mayor/city council calling for arizona boycott. I despise all opponents of Arizona's law and am angered that major league professional sports franchises are getting pressured into opposing SB 1070. Even the NBA has become embroiled, with Phoenic Suns actually showing support for diversity and symbolic opposition to SB 1070 by donning jerseys with las Suns imprinted on them.
I am a big NBA fan/fanatic and actually like the Suns and am rooting for them to beat the Spurs. I dislike the NBA/Suns involvement in a hot political issue and believe that this is a big mistake for major league teams to get involved in politics. The majority of NBA/major league fans/followers/TV watchers if polled would likely mirror the general population and support stronger borders and stricter enforcement of laws against illegal immigration. However, fans are not political fanatics and are normally disinterested in politics. This major league involvement in the Arizona boycott could backfire, leading to reduced revenues for professional sports franchises.

That said i will still watch the NBA playoffs and root for the Suns till they reach the lakers in western conference championship. The Suns & all professional sports franchises will see the light and tone down their politics-the owners will realize that it is bad business to mix business and politics.

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