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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Oil Spill Insights from a Retired Manager of an Offshore Underwater Service Company

Oil Spill Insights from a Retired Manager of an Offshore Underwater Service Company

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A good reasoned tome on the gulf oil leak/spill from an expert. I cannot take the stupid summaries of this disaster from the inept biased MSM, which only harp on the calamities and ecological damage without providing actual detailed accounts of the heroic efforts being made by BP and coastal rescue cleanup agencies to deal with this mess.

10 largest oil spills in history


latest news and setbacks of gulf oil spill:


cofferdam_q4000_deploys.jpg (JPEG Image, 3500x2333 pixels) - Scaled (22%)

Just to put things in perspective, the largest oil spill in history is the 1991 Kuwait spill when Saddam Hussein sabotaged Kuwait oil tanks/rigs, spilling 500 million gallons of oil into the Persian gulf. If our Gulf oil spill is leaking 5000 barrels per day(EST), it needs 2 months to exceed the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill of 240,000 barrels/11 million gallons. We get oil tanker/oil rig discharges in far off countries almost on a regular basis, but these major spills only damage the ecologies/environments of faraway unknown third world countries, not our own precious shores, so never get CNN coverage and are kept out of sight. US public could care less for eco-damage from oil spills in Persian gulf, China, africa, or some other far-off country as long as it is there and not here.

US decision to halt further offshore drilling just means that we will require more imported oil transported on Oceanic tankers, increasing the chances of another Exxon Valdez-type oil tanker accident. Not to mention chances of a terrorist attack on a vulnerable tanker in the Persian Gulf or other regional/global hot spot. Protecting this US foreign oil lifeline will require continued US military commitments/presence in Middle East/Iraq, and continued US global military buildup/dominance, which means
continued big US military budgets. The wacko environmentalists, who are also 99% anti-military, must be scratching their heads on this conundrum.

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