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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Relieving Southern California traffic congestion

Read an article in LA Times Sat sept 17 edition regarding proposals for building Three massive tunnel freeway projects which would address the three most serious traffic bottlenecks in Southern California. The First proposal would link the 710 freeway with the 210 fwy by constucting a 5 mile underground tunnel thru South Pasadena. The Second proposal would link Palmdale to glendale with a 23 mile half tunnel/surface commuterway which would ease traffic crunch on I-5/14 fwy. Third proposal would build a tunnel/surface link between Corona and irvine going thru the cleveland Mountains which would relieve commuter crunch along 91 fwy between corona/riverside and los angeles /orange county.
These proposed tunnel freeway projects,if actually implemented, would be the most expensive underground freeway projects ever built, running into 10's of billions of dollars . However, I would rather see these projects built than have billions wasted on more public transportation boodoogles. We need more freeways here in Southern California, whether underground or above ground. period.

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