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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

decision to take out god from pledge of allegiance

This decision of the San franscisco District judge to ban the pledge of allegiance because it mentions God is an affront to the Flag and to our great nation. It dishonors all those who faught and died for this country. It is a black eye to all patriotic civic-minded citizens and show s us what damage a tiny minority of leftist anti-american atheists and secularlists can do. No doubt backed by the equally vile ACLU.
All civic-minded patriotic americans who have any respect for the history and the traditions of this country should register their protests to their elected officials.

1 comment:

Hawkeye® said...

You've got the point, but it's "God" not "god". There's a difference.... at least to my way of thinking. Let's show respect where respect is due.

Keep up the good work Peter M!