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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Map: Southern California faults - latimes.com

Map: Southern California faults - latimes.com

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Here is the latest map of Southern California's major earthquake faults. The one that is of most immediate concern to me is the Newport/Inglewood fault, which runs almost directly along the SCal/Orange County coast ,runs right near me in long beach, and snakes up thru heavily populated South bay and western LA County and thru city of Inglewood before terminating in the Baldwin Hills near Culver City. Last major quake along this fault was the 1933 6.6 mag quake which leveled long beach. I don't know the dormancy period for this fault but most faults lie dormant for 100-1000 years, so i am not overly worried. Plus i live in a sturdy wood-frame single-story house which has survived the 1971 Sylmar and 1994 Northridge quakes without any noticeable damage, thou the epicenters of these two quakes were both 40 miles away. Most of Long beach sits on loose alluvial soil so any 6+ mag quake would cause severe damage from excessive jiggling of the loose clay and river deposits upon which much of long beach sits.

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